Ramina Mishina

Tour dates

Date Venue City, Country
30/09/2018 Yesenin Center Moscow, Russia

Atmosphere of Io

The composition from the solo album “Infinite Changes” (2018). Solo performance. 30 September 2018, Esenin-centre.

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Well Of Torah

New live studio work in rgsaisound studio records, Moscow. Composition by Ramina Mishina.

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Live Session 001

Summer night spontaneous live street performance. Moscow, Russia. Composition by Ramina Mishina.

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On An Empty Highway

Music by Ramina Mishina. Composition of the perfomance with Viva Animo project in Esenin-center. 14.03.2018, Moscow.

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Solo Improvisation

Composition “Anubis” by Daria Shorr. The fragment from Daria Shorr’s solo concert in Kozlov Club. 26.11.2017, Moscow.

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Well of Torah

Composition by Ramina Mishina. The piece of solo performance in Prokofiev’s Museum (Prokofiev’s music school). 21.11.2017, Moscow.

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Composition by Ramina Mishina. Live studio session with 3D Fusion project in Arcus Records studio, Moscow.

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Live studio session for Oceanless project in Arcus Records studio. Composition by Ramina Mishina. Moscow – Prague.

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Infinite Changes

“Infinite Changes” – is about the changes all around: all over the world, in nature, in technology, in art, in relationships, in every person and every moment.

# Title Time
1 Another Shining Space 4:04
2 On an Empty Road 3:59
3 Changing Moments 3:23
4 Atmosphere of Io 6:20
5 Well of Torah 4:59
6 Full of Light 3:35
7 About Roots 4:30
8 Home Song 6:05

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“3D Fusion” – project that unites three russian composers. “Doping” is our first album. My compositions are marked with my logo.

# Title by me Time
1 August 6:28
2 Abnormal Geometry 5:46
3 The Web 6:14
4 Obsession 6:17
5 Windrose 5:16
6 Somewhere Without Me 6:57
7 Shaolin 7:10
8 Orient 5:39

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Ramina Mishina – russian jazz pianist from Moscow,composer. A graduate of Gnessin’s Akademy of Music, where she was studying by professor Igor Brill, – a famous russian jazz pianist, composer, teacher – she take a part successfully in competitions and in russian and european festivals (“Piano in Jazz” Moscow, “Festos” Moscow, “Muzenergo”, “Spring Jazz” Latvia). Ramina Mishina perform at different clubs in Moscow with cover bands, jazz bands and also with her own music (Jazz Club Union of Composers, Aleksey Kozlov club, Igor Butman jazz club and other). In 2016 she took a part in creating an album “Doping” with 3DFusion project. 28 of September 2018 her solo piano album “Infinite Changes” was released.
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